Master all the concepts and questions needed to excel in your M&A interviews

Built on a pedagogy that has helped our students secure offers at some of the most prestigious firms in the sector

Mastering M&A interviews isn't difficult - if you receive the right preparation. Our approach focuses on performance excellence, based on our experience as interviewers at Lazard. We break down for you all the essential concepts and questions tested during your interviews. We explain how to respond to questions: what to say, and how to say it. We enable you to learn all that you need to excel in your interviews. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Why Training You?

  • Pedagogy focused on performance excellence

    We synthesise and break down all the concepts and questions tested during M&A interviews. We go through what to say, and how to say it.

  • Strong track record of success

    Our programme works. We have helped our students secure offers in some of the most prestigious banks and firms in finance - in Paris, London, Singapore and Shanghai.

  • Experience as former bankers and interviewers

    We were former analysts at Lazard TMT in Paris. We know just what it takes to break into the sector.


“I enrolled in the Training You programme in April 2019. I was above all seeking a programme that was complete and practical, which would enable me to hone my technical knowledge, understand the expectations of interviewers during interviews, and also to grasp the tasks required of an intern in M&A and private equity. Training You provided me with all of these, thanks to the team's experience in investment banking.”

Mohammed Jeadi, Blackfin Capital Partners, Analyst Intern

“Training You is the most comprehensive and elaborate training that I have known in the field of corporate finance – extremely competent professors, technical courses and training preparing you for the daily tasks of an intern in M&A or Private Equity. I absolutely do not regret my choice and strongly recommend this programme, which has enabled me to improve my skills and secure an internship in M&A with ease.”

Moctar Gueye, Edmond de Rothschild, Analyst Intern

“I met the Training You team a week before my interviews at Crédit Agricole for an investment banking internship position. In a week, I was thoroughly prepared for the task at hand, thanks to the quality classes based on a top-notch pedagogy that I received... I can only recommend their programme. ”

Olivier Yang, Crédit Agricole M&A, Analyst Intern

“The Training You programme placed us immediately in an interview scenario, with the slides in the format of a series of interview questions and answers. We thus very quickly had an idea of the format of interviews, and the course pedagogy enabled us to understand and master more easily the concepts learnt in school.”

Elena Petit, Butler Capital Partners, Analyst Intern

“Training You accompanied me through each step of my internship applications. The course prepared me completely for technical interviews and the daily tasks required of a junior analyst...I thank Training You for the programme and their support.”

Chen Xiaolu, Eurazeo Shanghai, Analyst Intern

Our students have secured offers in some of the most prestigious companies in M&A and private equity